San Nicola Dog Rescue & Sanctuary
Denver / Limon, CO

Colorado Dog Rescue and Shelter

San Nicola Dog Rescue is a volunteer-based PACFA licensed 501(c)3 non-profit.

We rescue dogs from Colorado and surrounding states and provide food, sheleter and medical care until we are able to find permanent homes in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Vail, Greeley and other Colorado towns.

We rescue dogs of different breeds or no breed at all. We have a physical shelter which is located on a small ranch near Limon in Eastern Colorado, about 80 miles east of Denver. If you would like to adopt a dog from our rescue, we can bring the dog from the shelter to Denver for you to meet.

Much gratitude to our generous sponsors Dr. Mohapp, Shannon, Julie and all the wonderful staff at Mandalay Animal Hospital.

Please see the dogs available for adoption at adoption page.



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Zeidi's first steps into the world Introducing Zeidi to the pack

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